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Mobile Phone (and like apparatus) Policy

Philosophical Basis

The College acknowledges the efficacy and reality of mobile phones and like apparatus as pieces of ‘21st Century technology’. They are effective communication tools and provide, particularly for parents, peace of mind about contacting their son(s) and their security/safety and/or are tools for learning and education.

Notwithstanding this, mobile phones (and like apparatus) must be handled in a mature and responsible fashion and NOT interfere with or run counter to the education process or the values of the College.


  1. Students are permitted to have mobile phones at school and related functions/activities. (At some events, e.g. retreats and theatre excursions, the College reserves the right to ban mobiles and like apparatus.)
  2. Students’ mobile phones and like apparatus must be turned off during regular College hours (excluding Year 12 out in the CBD at lunchtime) unless being used for legitimate educational, in-class purposes. At the personal level, if there is a need to use a phone/device, a student should gain prior approval from relevant Guidance Coordinator or negotiate permission with the teacher.
  3. The College does not accept any responsibility for mobile phones or like apparatus that students bring to school. It is strongly recommended and encouraged that students (where able) leave their mobile phone or like apparatus in their secured locker during school hours.
  4. If a student is found to have a mobile phone on, or in unapproved use during regular school hours or in class, a warning will be recorded in the student’s Diary. The teacher may contact the Guidance Coordinator to issue a detention. Repeated warnings may result in a more significant sanction.
  5. Mobile phones are not permitted to be with a student during any formal examinations or assessment tasks. It is considered a serious misdemeanour at both College and the Board of Studies levels.
  6. Students are discouraged from bringing like apparatus, ipads, ipods etc. to school and related functions/activities unless for specified educational endeavours. The same general procedures and provisions apply as for mobile phones in relation to points 2 to 5 above.

Basis of Discretion: Deviation from this policy will ONLY occur with the approval of the College Executive.