pastoral wellbeing


The College aims to promote effective and clear communication between all levels of the SPX community.

The following avenues exist for such purposes:   

SPX Portal SPX Portal is the main information hub for parents, students and teachers and includes such things as lesson plans, homework notices and absentism information.
College Student Diary This is provided at the beginning of each year for students to record homework and reminders. The Diary has sections for Teacher/Parent communication. It is full of other valuable information for students and parents.
Woodchatta The College newsletter is called “Woodchatta”. It is primarily directed at parents and students containing sections from the Principal, members of the Leadership Team as required, the P&F, Music Parents, Year and Subject Coordinators, Sportsmasters, Careers Department, Uniform Shop and Canteen Roster. Woodchatta is issued online each Wednesday afternoon with an email prompt to all parents.
Junior School Newsletter This newsletter is for Years 5 & 6. Other Years have regular letters on the Portal page or via email.
Parent Information Evenings These are held for Years 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12 the beginning of their academic year.
Parent/Teacher Meetings Parent/Teacher meetings for each Year group follow reporting periods.
Parent/Teacher contact Parents are encouraged to contact the College should any problems or difficulties arise. Homeroom teachers and Year Coordinators are the first point of contact. Appointments must be made to secure an interview.
Parents and Friends Meetings See Parent and Friends (P&F) Website
College Board The Board meets approximately 10 times per year.
Pius in Profile "Pius in Profile" is the College magazine relating many interesting stories about current students and 'old boys’. Pius in Profile is published biannually.
The Collegian This is the College annual which contains a full report of the year.
This College Website This website carries information for the entire College community and the general public.
Annual Report Annual Report for the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) NSW is prepared annually each July for the previous year as mandated and is posted on the College Website for parent information. (See also, the Federal My School Website)
Misc Publications and  Documents Various Publications, statements, policies, documents and forms are also issued from time to time as required.