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Supporting the 2018 Invictus Games

An inspirational opening ceremony was held during College assembly in October in support of the 2018 Invictus Games.

Written by St Pius X College Mission & Identity Prefect, this moving prayer captures the essence of the Invictus Games.


It matters not how straight the gate

For this life may entail hardship.

Let this toil and strife help me

To define the strength in my character


Let my warrior spirit unroll

For we are the masters of our fate

And the Captains of our soul


Thank you, Lord, for filling me with courage.

“To promote the dignity of every human life”


Focusing on what we can achieve, no matter what hardship endured. Let this adversity only make us stronger, and ignite our fighting spirit. Thank you for their sacrifices, and thank you for their power. Lord, let this celebration empower us all, and help us find role models in our lives.