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Celebration of Learning

The recent Celebration of Learning ceremony showcased creative and inspiring student presentations and performances as well as recognising Year 7-10 students’ achievements.

College Principal, Mr John Couani said the ceremony was “a stunning exhibition of learning so richly displayed”. Some of the showcased items included

  • videos and powerpoints (Year 7 Science students used Minecraft to create an animal theme park, Year 8 Maths physically found Pi in the Playground, Year 9 Chinese students created a beautiful video of Chinese character drawings using digital photography and multimedia, Year 9 students created an engaging multimedia presentation on Politics in Sport)
  • an interview with Mr Matthew Whitmore (SPX 2009), businessman and entrepreneur who started his own business whilst still at school
  • original HSC Drama performance iGrandma
  • soloist Year 11 student performances (Timpani, Cello and Trumpet) and music by the Digital Music Ensemble with students artworks projected as background.

Awards for academic application and excellence were presented as well as a new award introduced last year, the Growth in Learning Award, which recognises students who have made a significant advancement in their overall learning.