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Being Prepared

Ensure the PLD is fully charged before leaving for school each day. The battery should last for 10 hours of normal use. Normal use includes reading documents, emails, browsing websites. High battery drain use includes playing videos, playing games and constant internet use like YouTube. The best time to charge your PLD is overnight.

Check that your keyboard is charged. It will flash 3 times with an amber light to indicate that it requires charging.

Ensure that you have all the necessary Apps for scheduled subjects already installed. If Apps are not installed, they will cause unneeded delays and frustration in the classroom.

Ensure that you have any needed documents from your home computer stored on a USB or transfer them to the micro SD card, on the PLD, in advance. 


The one of the main intentions of introducing PLDs to St Pius X College is to provide access to electronic versions of student textbooks and reading material. eTexts mean that students will always have access to all those resources in class.

Due to copyright issues, students are strictly prohibited from sharing these eTexts with students in other years or students outside of the College.