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Personal Learning Device

Personal Learning Devices

Students are expected to learn about and manage their Personal Learning Devices (PLD's), students should visit the ICT Help Desk before school, recess, lunchtime or after school, when they are unable to resolve a technical issue themselves.

The ICT Help Desk is open from 8am to 4pm school days. It is located next to the Uniform Shop.

PLD Use in the Classroom

As part of the College’s Strategic Plan, an eLearning Taskforce was established in 2012 and assumed a significant leadership role in the development of the College eLearning Plan. The ultimate objective for the taskforce was the development of a clear, coherent, well researched plan designed to improve learning and teaching within the College and prepare students for life in the 21st Century.

It is a very exciting time as the College enacts its eLearning Plan and scales its ability to meet the learning needs of our 21st Century learners.

Our teachers are excited about the possibilities that a 1:1 model brings to teaching, and our students are excited too. The College through its Personal Learning Device Program will better equip students to make a positive difference in this ever changing world.

The Lenovo ThinkPad  and Surface Pro (with keyboard and stylus) Windows Tablets have been adopted as the appropriate PLDs for different year groups, whereby all students from Years 5–12 now have their own specified device.

The current Windows operating system provides quick access to apps in the Microsoft Store and the robustness of the traditional Windows environment with access to enterprise software. The Windows environment means that the devices are complementary to the College’s existing ICT infrastructure. The devices are supported by the reputation of Lenovo (Thinkpad) and Microsoft (Surface Pro).

Due to the nature of emerging technology in the tablet market, other devices (or upgrades of the chosen devices) may be selected for future roll outs.

End of Lease Procedures

Some student devices are approaching their end of lease period. Click here to submit your intention if you wish to return the device or buy it out for personal use.