enrolment information

Schedule of Fees

Fees are subject to review each year. Fees shown below may only be for current year.

Enrolment Application Fee (Non-refundable)

This fee is paid when enrolment application form is lodged.


Confirmation of Enrolment Fee Years 5, 6 and 7

This fee is paid upon acceptance. $2000.00 is deducted from tuition fees
in Year 7, Term 2.

Please note that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable should
you wish to cancel or defer the enrolment.


Tuition Fees

Year Level Fee per term Fee per year
Years 5 and 6 $1932 $7728
Years 7 to 11 $2259 $9036
Year 12 $3012 (3 terms) $9036

The Term fee has the following components built into it which include:

  • Years 5 and 6 Tuition fees, Activities fee, 24 hr Accident Insurance cover, supply of a College Diary and the College Annual.
  • Years 7 to 10 Tuition fees, ISA membership fee, 24 hr Accident Insurance cover, the supply of a College Diary and the College Annual.
  • Years 11 and 12 Tuition fees, ISA membership fees, Trial HSC papers (Yr 12), 24 hr Accident Insurance cover, the supply of a College Diary and the College Annual.

Please note: Tuition fees may rise substantially in future years due to changes in government funding policies. 

Resource Fees

Year Level Fee per year
Years 5 and 6 $578
Years 7 to 12 $375

To enhance the overall teaching and learning for the boys, a Resource Fee is charged to provide for College Information Communications Technology (ICT) services and for Years 5 and 6 student work books. The fee will appear on Term 1 statements.

With five full time staff, the ICT department supports over 1,100 student Personal Learning Devices (PLDs), data projectors in all classrooms, the College website, software development, ICT infrastructure and computers for every member of the teaching staff. A portion of the Resource Fee covers the cost of copyright and printing fees.

PLDs and books issued to students must be treated with care and should be return in the same condition they were received. Should any students misuse or lose a PLD or text, the replacement value or repair cost will be added to their next Term fees.

Other Fees

Item Details Term Fee Annual Fee
PLDs PLD Year 5 $93  
  PLD Year 6 $93  
  PLD Year 7 $136  
  PLD Year 8 $125  
  PLD Year 9 $97.50  
  PLD Year 10 $133  
  PLD Year 11 (7 terms)


  PLD Year 12 (7 terms)


Performing Arts Levy A per student levy is charged in Term 2 for participants in the Music and Drama program. The fee contributes to the cost of music, copyright, royalties and ensemble directors.   $230
Music Lessons
Instrumental & Vocal
Parents are charged directly by music tutors on a per term basis. These fees do not appear on College fee notices. Instrumental lessons are set at $45 per ½ hour.


Instrument Hire A wide range of musical instruments are owned and maintained by the College. Participating students are charged in Term 2 each year.   $245
Sport Individual sports may require a participation fee to cover costs of association membership and relevant equipment. Charges as determined Charges as determined 

Class Camps and Sundry Items

Each year group and curriculum area has various costs in relation to excursions, incursions, retreats and camps for which fees are charged.  Charges as determined Charges as determined
P & F Association In place of past fundraising activities such as the annual art show, fete and working bees the P&F charge a levy of $50 per term fees to fund various projects for the benefit of students.    $200
Building Fund To assist the College towards its long term maintenance and development of property and infrastructure families are asked to make a Tax Deductible donation to the Building Fund.

(Per Family per term)


Fees Policy

Tuition fee statements are emailed out before the start of each term and payment is due at the beginning of that term. Payment can be made via Bpay direct from a bank account, over the phone or internet via credit card, in person using a credit card, cash or cheque. To further facilitate payment a standing authority for the College to charge a credit card may be completed which will allow the College to effect payment on the due dates. The College currently does not impose a surcharge on payment via credit card. Credit cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard. All fees for Years 5 – 11 are payable by four instalments each year. Year 12 fees are payable by three instalments. A late fee payment penalty may apply if payment is not received by the due date. The College policy is to pursue all fees outstanding, including any costs incurred in the debt recovery process.

Sibling Discount:

When more than one son is attending St Pius X, the following discounts apply to the tuition fee component only:

  • 2nd son - 15%
  • 3rd son - 25%
  • 4th son - 50%


One term’s notice, in writing, must be given for withdrawal of a student. In the absence of such notice the equivalent of a full term’s fees plus 10% GST will be charged.

Fee Discounts:

The College assumes that you appreciate the importance of the payment of school fees. The College is not in a position to offer discounts other than sibling discounts (see Schedule of Fees for details). Our fee structure for such a large and well resourced College is quite low by the standards of most Catholic and Independent schools.

It is a condition of enrolment that all financial obligations are honoured.