beyond the classroom

Outdoor Education

At St Pius X, outdoor education is an important part of every boy’s education.

Boys thrive as they participate in a range of camps and retreats as well as optional hikes, bushwalks, road trips, treks and a huge range of other outdoor experiences.
These experiences enhance learning, develop leadership and build teams as well as resilience as boys overcome fear and adversity as they push outside their comfort zones. Connection with nature also provides a platform for spiritual growth and experience.


Highlights of the Outdoor Education Program include:

  • Milson Island camp (Year 5)
  • Camp Wombaroo (Year 6)
  • Ski trip (Year 7)
  • The Great Aussie Bush Camp (Year 8)
  • Huntington House Terrigal (Year 9)
  • Immersions to Walgett and Bowraville (Year 10)
  • Snowy Hike (Year 11, the 100 km 6-day trek is a 30 + year tradition at the College)
  • Bush Retreat to Tallow Beach (Year 12)
  • Duke of Edinburgh practice hikes and expeditions
  • Kokoda 2018 preparation
  • Warrumbungles expedition

Other programs included weekly boxercise, paddle boarding, indoor rock-climbing and hikes for MindMatters, surf life-saving and surfing for PDHPE, peer support and peer mentoring activities.