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Senior School Information about Activities

Information about Individual activities in the Senior School


  • School Carnival held Term 2 or 3.
  • Main carnivals mid term 3.
  • All carnivals on Saturdays.
  • Training twice per week.
  • Commences at conclusion of Winter Season.
  • Main carnival is the ISA Championships at Homebush.
  • Meeting for boys interested middle of Term 1.
Basketball - Senior School Activities

Basketball at Oxford Falls


  • Summer sport involving Term 4 and Term 1 the following year.
  • Compete in ISA competition on a Saturday morning at Oxford Falls.
  • Currently field 16 teams across the age group.
  • Two training sessions required per week at school or Oxford Falls.


Cricket - Senior School Activities

Cricket at Oxford Falls


  • Summer sport involving Term 4 and Term 1 the following year.
  • Senior First XI and Second XI compete on turf wickets in ISA competition.
  • Junior teams play in local Manly and North Shore competitions on Saturday mornings.
  • Two trainings per week at nets and local ovals.
  • Senior matches 10.00am-5.00pm.
  • Junior matches 8.30-12.00pm.




  • Major Winter sport.
  • Begins Term 2 and finishes at the end of August in Term 3.
  • Currently field around three teams per age with more in the U13 and U14 years.
  • Camps and coaching clinics are held for the juniors to teach them technique and rules if they haven’t played before.
  • Two trainings per week (usually Tuesday & Thursday) required for every team 3.30-5.00pm.
  • Saturday matches usually in morning time slot.



  • An activity used in conjunction with other co-curricular sports.
  • Terms 1 and 4.
  • Internal Competitions.
  • Training every usually Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school 3.15-5.00 pm at Willoughby courts.
  • Students take part in a maximum of 2 sessions per week.
  • Currently seeking an outlet for competitions.
  • Previous experience desired but not essential.


Swimming - Senior School Activities

Swimming Carnival


  • School Carnival held in February each year.
  • School squad attends around five night carnivals and a day carnival in Term 1.
  • Training once per week for boys not in squad training.
  • Main carnival is the ISA Championships at Homebush around mid March.


  • Major Winter Sport competing in the ISA competiton.
  • Terms 2 and 3 and finishes at end of August.
  • Currently field 2/3 teams per age group.
  • Two trainings per weekthroughout the week required for every team some mornings but usually 3.30-5.00pm.
  • Saturday matches usually in the morning time slot.
  • Specialist coaching clinics provided to further develop football skills.
Football - Senior School Activities

Football at Oxford Falls



Tennis Championships

  • Students in Years 7-12 may try out for the ISA Tennis competition running in Terms 2 and 3.
  • Grading is held in Term 1 and training is required after school during competition times.
  • The top players play in the ISA competition in Terms 2 and 3.
  • Normally the College enters 9 or 10 teams of five players for the season. Only four players compete each Saturday on a roster basis.
  • Previous experience or coaching preferred.
  • Matches are Saturdays from approximately 8am -12pm.
  • Students must have their own tennis racquets. White tennis shorts and college hat are available from the uniform shop.
  • All other teams can play in the Northern Suburbs Competition which is available for every term for the Junior School and in Terms 1 and 4 for the Senior School.


The College enters Intermediate and Senior teams in the NSW Junior Chess League Secondary Schools Competition. Teams in the Junior Division are entered into the NSW Junior Secondary Schools Chess Competition in the Northern Region. St Pius has the largest number of competitors of all schools with over 100 students involved and is the largest competition venue in the Metropolitan North Region, hosting approximately 100 players from our own and visiting teams on any given competition afternoon. The competition runs during Term 2.


Da Vinci Decathlon

Years 5, 6, 7 & 8 participate in the Da Vinci Decathlon challenging higher order thinking skills for boys able to expand in areas of

  • code breaking
  • creative skills
  • engineering
  • english
  • general knowledge
  • mathematics
  • science

Debating and Public Speaking

Students in the Senior School have the opportunity to become involved in both Debating and Public Speaking at the College.

The College enters twelve teams in the Catholic Schools’ Debating Competition. Two teams from each year group are selected to compete. The teams debate over a 6 week period during Term 2, and then, if successful, move into semi-final and final rounds.

Our leading debating teams also have the opportunity to compete in other more selective competitions including the New South Wales Department of Education Commonwealth Bank Cup.

Students are also urged to try out for the Catholic Schools’ Debating Association Public Speaking Competition. Two students from each year group are selected to represent the College.

Outstanding public speakers may go on to compete in other competitions including

  • the United Nations Youth Conference
  • the Rotary Public Speaking Competition
  • the NSW Department of Education Plain English Speaking Competition
  • the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition

just to name a few.

Well over 80 senior students represent the College in the Debating and Public Speaking arena each year.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is administered through the College.

The award is given at three levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold.

The course requires both theoretical and practical aspects which include map reading, hiking and community services.

To be successful in the scheme students need to be self-motivated, hard-working and fully involved in both the academic and extra-curricular life of the College.

Students are eligible to enter the scheme starting in Year 9. 

Mock Trial

Students in Year 11 have the opportunity of entering the Mock Trial Competition conducted by the Law Society of New South Wales.

During the competition our ‘legal team’ competes against other schools defending and prosecuting ‘mock’ cases involving:

  • assault
  • larceny
  • negligence

Students take on the roles of:

  • barristers
  • clerks
  • court officers
  • magistrates
  • solicitors
  • witnesses

Robotics Club



The Robotics Club aims to facilitate development of creative and technological thinking in gifted and talented students while providing a fun environment for this development. Our philosophy is that gifted and talented students will reach their potential by being allowed to experiment in a conducive environment with support rather than teacher directed instruction.

The club:

  • consists of boys from Years 6 to 12
  • meets all year
  • meets for one and a half hours, once a week, after school
  • consists of selected gifted and talented students
  • Is self funding. Students pay a fee each term.

The following equipment is available:

  • NXT Mindstorm kits
  • RCX Mindstorms kits
  • Robolab soccer field, roboballs & multi-charger
  • Robolab Rescue field
  • FLL (First Lego League) fields
  • various colour, compass and infrared sensors

Club activities include:

Novice Robotics Club

The Novice Robotics club:

  • consists of boys from Year 5 & Year 6
  • meets during Terms 3 & 4
  • meets for one hour after school, once a week
  • consists of about selected gifted and talented students
  • is self funding. Students pay a fee each term.
  • Equipment available:
    • NXT Mindstorm kits
  • Activities include:
    • Learning NXT programming
    • various challenges

Admission to the Robotics Clubs

The following admission process applies:

  • Junior School boys do robotics as part of their curriculum. Junior boys who display special ability in these classes are chosen by the Junior School teachers to attend the Novice Robotics Club
  • Junior boys who show exceptional ability in the Novice Club are then invited the next year to join the Robotics Club
  • Membership of the Robotics Club is renewed each year for those boys displaying exceptional ability
  • At the beginning of each year, Senior School boys are invited via Woodchatta to submit an application by email
    • Those shortlisted are asked to an interview
    • Some places are always kept for secondary boys to join the Robotics club by this process
    • Recommendations are also made by the Special Education Department, Pastoral Care Coordinators and other teachers.