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College Leadership

College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team gives life to the Mission and Vision of the College in planning the delivery of quality Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Leadership Team Member Role
John Couani Principal
Mark Casey Deputy Principal
Nathan Mulheron Assistant Principal - Mission & Identity
Alex Damo Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning
Sean Brannan Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care & Wellbeing
Tim Long Head of Junior School
Judy Black Head of Staff Services
Nick Carson Business Manager

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College  Board

The College Board is appointed by Edmund Rice Education Australia. The Board considers a diverse agenda including Mission and Vision, Strategic Improvement, Annual Plans, Annual Budget, Master Planning and Capital Development.

The Board supports the College to be an authentic Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition and to be sustainable in the future.

Board Member Role

Brian Populin

Board Chair

Therese Maclaine

Deputy Chair

John Couani


Catherine Ephraums


David Kennedy


Martha Maiorana


Tony Masone


Br Jeff Regan


Jean-Paul Wallace Member

Greg Wilson


Christine Jennings